A major international aid organization wished to transform itself from a traditional dispenser of funds into an active partner of local development agencies in creating permanent social change. To do it the organization first needed to elaborate its own best practice in economic development. Making the case for change depended on it.

Collective Intelligence worked alongside the client to establish a "transformation framework"—the actions it needed to take if it were to recreate its organization in support of a new mission. The framework provided structure for the case studies CI subsequently produced describing work already taking place across the organization.

Constructed as lively narratives, these case studies have acquired a loyal audience. They don't just illustrate the value of the new strategy but provide a manual for its implementation. They serve as platforms for a program of webinars enabling the organization to dig deep into the how-to's of change. The consequence has been accelerated transformation and a greater sense of cohesion than the organization has ever known.

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