Collective Intelligence clients know the huge value to be had from the practical wisdom residing in the collective brain of their organizations. But too commonly the press of business gets in the way of its collection and, worse, its application. Many organizations respond with "knowledge-management" programs that are purely technological fixes with only vaguely defined links to strategy and little measurable return on investment.

CI creates expert systems from the human intelligence usually dormant inside great organizations. It teams with clients to, first, help establish intelligence agendas—in other words, where do they need to be smart? With the intelligence agenda as a guide CI applies the interview techniques of a well-prepared journalist to describe the wisdom of individuals and put it to work across an organization in multiple formats—digital and otherwise.

"What we do often feels like a kind of storytelling," says CI's founder Kevin McDermott, "but it's storytelling of the most rigorous kind. Building the analytical case around a story is the most convincing way of winning support for big transformative ideas."

Engagement debriefs, web content creation, scenario planning—none of the work CI does for its clients would have value if it were not practically, actively and explicitly in support of strategy.

Collective Intelligence has worked with an international portfolio of clients in Canada, Great Britain, Hong Kong and the United States. CI would love to work with you.